It would seem that summer is upon us with the warm temperatures that we have been experiencing for the last week or so.  We were at our cottage for the long weekend, and although it was lovely, the black flies were very friendly and we are still itching.  A small price to pay though.

Our outreach for the month of May has been Lisaard House, and this will be the last week to contribute.   Waterloo Region’s first residential cancer hospice, Lisaard House, provides care free of charge for individuals facing a limited life expectancy.  Lisaard House is committed to helping people dying of cancer to live the life remaining to them as fully as possible and easing the challenges facing their loved ones.  Lisaard House is in need of: • Coffee – regular or fine grind • Paper towels • Creamed soups • Juice boxes • Liquid soap and refill size • Apple sauce • Pudding cups, fruit or Jello cups • Hot chocolate • Bounce – unscented only please • Apple or cranberry juice Please help as you are able.  Lisaard House has been a wonderful asset to our community.  We will take a break for June, so that you may contribute to the Fort McMurray relief fund if you choose to.  It is difficult to imagine such devastation. 

If you went on the bus trip to Niagara a couple of weeks ago, you know what a great time we had.  A big thank you to Larry Martin and Randy Novak for organizing it all.  Forty-four of us went, and it was very cozy on the bus, particularly for Beryl and Bruce Taylor at the back  It was a wonderful day that realized over $1,000 for the church.

We, once again, have a positive financial statement for the month of April.  Thanks to everyone for your efforts to keep us in the black this year.  But our summer vacation period is coming up and I would hate to lose our forward momentum and all of the hard work of our Financial Committee.  If you are already on PAR, no need to worry about anything.  Your contribution continues during this slower time and allows us to pay our staff and our bills.  If you would like to register for PAR, please give Stephanie a call (519-621-6060).  It is easy and painless.  If you prefer to contribute through your weekly envelopes, please consider giving ahead for the summer weeks that you will be away.  It would be awesome to continue this trend of positive financial statements for the whole year.

Lest you think that everything winds down over the summer, it becomes the busiest time of the year for our Apple Corps.  The Cambridge Farmer’s Market is alive and booming and the Apple Corps can sell as much product as they can make.  If you have a few spare hours, please head down to Ainslie kitchen on Wednesday or Saturday mornings.  They would love to see you.

And our concert committee is hard at work on an amazing event that will take place in late October.  More information to follow on that, but be assured that this is something that you will want to attend.

We continue to be an active, engaged congregation.  I hope that each of you finds what you need at Wesley to go out into the world and change it for the better, however small or insignificant you might think those changes are.  What you do makes a difference.


Anne Tinker

“Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd have preferred to talk.” - Doug Larson


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Wesley is situated in the historic civic square in downtown Galt, adjacent to the Cambridge Farmer’s Market, the historic City Hall, and the new City Administration building.
Wesley is part of the United Church of Canada, the largest Protestant denomination in our country. The United Church of Canada prides itself on welcoming everyone the way Jesus did, regardless of age, race, class, gender, orientation, or physical ability.

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